Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions or require assistance please feel free to contact us.


All the dogs that come to Jordan Valley should be up to date on their 5-7 Way, rabies, flea, tick and heartworm preventatives. The main vaccination to make certain is current is the Bordetella or "kennel cough" vaccine. This disease or complex of diseases is a respiratory infection that can be highly contagious and irritating, but not dangerous. At this point, we do not require the K9 Flu vaccine. Remember, sending a dog to a kennel is like sending a child to school - there is always a slight chance that he might catch something.

Please let us know as soon as possible. Planes can be delayed, cars can break down. Your dog will be well cared for until you pick him up. If you need to cancel your reservations, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can fill the space with the first person on the waiting list.

No, we supply all bedding. We want to keep your dog as clean and dry as possible, so we use our own beds that are washed every day.

No, we do not allow raw hides, pig ears or other chew toys.

Jordan Valley will provide food during your pet's stay. If you like we can feed your food. All food must be put in plastic bags sealed and labeled with your dog’s name. Each bag must contain one feeding for the duration of their stay. This eliminates over or under feeding.